28 februari 2007
Dear friends
Here comes some information from KILEN about the new situation!

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20 februari 2007

We can hear that consumer reporting is on the agenda in more and more countries now. Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland, USA, Sweden etc, etc. And in the European Union, in the EMEA, the discussion and the approval of a consumer reporting system is on its way…
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31 augusti 2006
Survey shows some students only get 1-2 hours education about drug promotion during professional training

Educational initiatives for medical and pharmacy students about drug promotion: an international cross-sectional survey by Barbara Mintzes. Read the survey here and see the HAI web at www.haiweb.org

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17 november 2005
Patients´reporting of adverse reactions

Outcomes of a seminar organised by Health Action International Europe, 26 May 2005
KILENs presentation. How do they report?
a comparison between professional and consumer reports on Sertralin /Zoloft

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30 januari 2006
”Consensus Statement”

A Report from The Youth and Medicines International Conference Marholmen, Sweden, June 1-3, 2005
Full report and DVD may be ordered from KILEN at mailadress:

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